Registering for epost

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Each epost Username is unique. Usernames may contain up to 32 characters and may include letters or numbers, and the 'period' or 'underscore' character.


Passwords may contain 8-32 characters and must contain:

Password tips:

Email address

epost uses your email address to alert you to activity in your epost mailbox, to contact you in case of a problem, and to help verify your identity at our contact centre. Email addresses may only contain letters, numbers, periods and the @ symbol.

Postal Code/Zip Code

epost uses your Postal Code to determine which products and services are available in your area, and to show you only the services you can use. Postal codes should be entered as letter number letter space number letter number (e.g. A1A 9Z9), and for US ZIP Codes, use the format 12345 or 12345-1234.

Contact Address and Information

  1. Enter your First Name.
  2. Enter your Last Name.
  3. Enter your telephone number(s).
  4. Select your Address Type (House, Apt, PO Box, Rural Route - includes General Delivery and Suburban Service) or US Address.
  5. Enter your Street Number, and if applicable:
    • Street Number Suffix (like A or ½)
    • Apartment/Suite/Condo number
    • Rural Route or Suburban Service or General Delivery number
  6. Type the reCaptcha words displayed

Click the Next button.

What is a Digital Postal Address?

A Digital Postal Address is verified link between your epost account and your physical postal address.

Canada Post wants to ensure your security and privacy while providing you with better access, choice and convenience in the way you receive your mail and other digital services. We're looking for new ways to connect Canadians physically and digitally - business and governments to customers; and customers to business and government - securely, quickly and efficiently.

With Digital Postal Addresses, epost will be able to reach out to different types of senders who require increased security for delivery, like government or health care professionals. These senders will know that your epost account has been verified to your physical mailing address.

epost uses Equifax, a leading credit bureau and identity service provider, to help us verify your epost account with your physical address.

The process of Digital Postal Address verification starts online, right from your epost account. You can complete the verification process online or in person at a Canada Post retail location. You can link more than one physical address to your epost account, if you are entitled to receive mail at more than one physical address (like a rental property or a cottage).

Only physical locations in Canada are eligible for a Digital Postal Address. Creating a Digital Postal Address is optional.

Creating a Digital Postal Address

Click the Create a Digital Postal Address message at the top of your inbox and follow the prompts. If you do not wish to provide your date of birth or Social Insurance Number online, or if Equifax is unable to verify your address, you will be asked to verify your Digital Postal Address at a Post Office.

Name Your Digital Postal Address

Choose a name for your Digital Postal Address, like Home or Cottage, so that you'll be able to tell your Addresses apart.

At a Canada Post Retail Location: Verifying Your Digital Postal Address

You may choose to verify your Digital Postal Address at a Canada Post retail location, or may be required to verify at retail if Equifax cannot verify your address. An online verification may fail if you have recently moved, your address is new, or if there is out-of-date information at Equifax.

When you choose Verify at Retail, or if online verification is not possible the following information will be provided on a printable form.

  1. A bar code, Confirmation Number, your Contact details, and the Expiry Date for the verification are found on the top right side of the page. These details are required by the Retail Customer Service Representative to identify your epost account request.
  2. The Post Office Locator at the bottom of the page displays up to four Canada Post Retail outlets closest to your postal code on file.
  3. The forms of identification that you need to bring with you to the Canada Post Retail outlet are listed in the box on the left side of the page.

To verify at a Retail Canada Post location:

  1. Print the page (or write down the Confirmation Number) and take it with you to the Canada Post Retail outlet, and bring the forms of identification and proof of residency that are listed on the left side of the page.
  2. Visit a Canada Post Retail outlet before the Expiry Date listed. If your verification is not complete by this date the address verification request will expire and you will need to start process again.

To extend the expiry date:

  1. Click the Digital Addresses tab in your Profile . Choose the Digital Postal Address in question.
  2. Click Extend Expiry Date. Your expiry date is automatically extended by the system. You can repeat these steps as required to extend the expiry date further.


    Click Extend Expiry Date within the retail verification form.