View, pay & manage your bills with epost. Receive your bills and other financial documents, safely and securely online with Canada Post’s free service.

Why use epost

If you currently receive your bills via regular mail, why not switch to epost and have them delivered electronically instead?

Benefits of epost are:

  • It's free
  • Get bills delivered in ONE secure location
  • View, manage and pay over
  • Avoid late charges with reminders and delivery notifications
  • Available through or your online banking web site
  • It helps save the environment

How Do I Use epost?

  • and select a username and password.
  • Once you have signed up for your epost Mailbox, you can begin to . These are the companies you can receive your bills from, electronically.
  • Once your Mailers have been added and your next billing cycle takes effect, you'll receive your bills and documents at You can also access the contents of your mailbox through the epost bill presentment service section of your online banking web site.

What Is A Mailer?

Mailers are the companies and organizations, which send you 'Mailpieces' - bills, pay stubs, tax receipts, and other financial documents to your epost Mailbox.

When you add Mailers to your epost Mailbox you are choosing to receive your exisiting paper mail in an electronic form. There are almost 100 Mailers and over 200 documents to choose from, so the more Mailers you add, the easier it is to consolidate and manage your bills.

Available Mailers on epost include:

  • Major Bank credit card companies
  • Major retailers
  • Utility companies
  • Telecom companies
  • Payroll Companies

See our now or watch our Demo.

How Do I Add Mailers?

  • Fill out a registration form for each Mailer, including your Account number (if applicable) and other relevant information that may be required.   Be sure to have your most recent bill on hand for reference.
  • Once you've added all your Mailers, your bills will arrive in your epost Mailbox TM at the start of the next billing cycle.

If there is a company that's not currently on our Mailers list that you'd like to receive bills from, simply contact us and let us know.

For more information on adding Mailers watch our demo now.

How Do I View Documents?

With epost, viewing your bill is only a few clicks away - always organized and ready to view from anywhere, anytime through your own private and secure, web-based epost mailbox.

  • Go to and sign in
  • Click on the documents to view.

There are other advantages to viewing an electronic bill through epost:

  • You can click on hyperlinks contained within your bill to view bill details or special inserts with promotions/offers
  • Store your bills and financial documents for up to 7 years

See a you can view.

Or for more information on viewing your bills, watch our demo.

How Do I Pay My Bills?

You can pay your bills at 2 locations:

    You can pay your bills via credit card, electronic funds transfer or online banking link.
  • Your online banking web site.
    epost 'powers' the electronic bill presentment portion of your online banking web site, which means that you can view and pay your bills through epost at the same time, while you bank online.

Once your payment method has been chosen, when a bill arrives in your epost Mailbox, you simply click on the Pay link located on the left navigation bar of the bill statement and follow the instructions, from there.

For your convenience, epost automatically fills your bill amount into the "amount owing" field of your bill payments page. Your payment will be processed and you'll be given a reference number to confirm your payment.

Manage Documents

Take control of your bills by consolidating them in your epost Mailbox TM - one central private and secure location, accessible to you from anywhere, at anytime.

With epost you can:

  • Store your bills and documents for up to 7 years and conveniently sort them by date or name for quick access
  • Forward bills to family and friends via their epost mailbox  within the epost service
  • Arrange for email notifications and schedule bill payment reminders for a particular date

Also, if you receive paystubs and T4 slips online, you can benefit from the ease of having your total amounts filled in automatically with the Quicktax software:

For more information on managing your bills through epost, watch our demo.

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